Walk or Run Yourself Joyful!

Walk away from being mad. From being sad. Run from that pit in your stomach. From that shadow in your mind. Run for now. For the way it makes you feel, not in your hamstrings or your glutes, but in your heart and in your mind. Run for feeling better.

Run for you. Run for It.

Train and Change the Story

Since 2003 girls aged 12–19 who reported their mental health as fair-poor has more than doubled. That’s not okay. Let’s change it.

The Program

Run. But don’t look for a finish line. Look past the scales and clocks. Past the breakups and hardships and blindsides. Because it’s not about how your glutes look, or how badly your body aches, its about seeing with your heart. So Run. And watch your world get brighter.

2x a week you’ll train with female students just like you. You’ll get access to tools and resources you can use to recognize mental health issues in yourself and others, plus ways to deal with them. You’ll also prepare to participate in SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women.

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Getting that morning run/walk in before the #yrdsbquest conference!!! Thanks @runningroomaurora for hosting! #runforit #mentalhealthawareness #morningmotovation 20 likes Congratulations to all of the schools who participated in the Montreal Race! #runforit #SHOPPERSLOVEYOU #CourseFemmes #Courezpourlacause 39 likes Thank you for all the Run For IT teams who came out to our Calgary Event in support of women's mental health! So proud of our girls!🎉🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻 33 likes #believeinyourself #positivity 35 likes


150 Participants
3 Schools

The York Regional Police helped fuel our first year, which had 150 female students participating in a ton of activities that focused on physical and mental well-being.

561 Participants
44 Schools

44 schools participated and over 500 girls from York Region, Winnipeg and Ottawa made a difference in their mental wellness and overall health!

2500 Participants
138 Schools

2017 saw the program launch nationally across Canada to 15 cities. 2500 students participated and learned about tools and resources to help manage mental wellness!

Be the leading cause of strength

Did you know that half of all mental illness in adults appears by the age of 14 but goes undetected? Get the knowledge you need to empower yourself and the people around you.

Who's Your Champion?

Our school programs can be led by teachers, coaches, counselors, or community members. Anyone who is passionate about impacting the mental and physical well being of students in their community.

Champions help guide students through training sessions that include mental health discussions, safe and smart ways to train for your run, plus run training to improve your stamina, and endurance.

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Believe you can. Running a 5K and embracing mental wellness are incredibly alike. They take being prepared, being supported, and knowing you can overcome. Get some knowledge and power through our inclusive program.

Find your school in the menu and sign up today. If you don’t see your school don’t worry, just get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to get you involved.

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For those under 13 please contact your Champion directly to register.

Information entered will be sent to your Champion to help organize the program at your school.


Looking for more information above and beyond your weekly lesson?

See below for the accompanying resource material. Select from Mental Health and Running Resources to keep you on-track!

Pre-Program Survey

Before starting your 6-week training program please take a minute to complete this survey. It will allow us to better understand the impact of the program.

All surveys are completed anonymously.


Post Program Survey

After completing your 6-week training program and the Run for Women race please take a minute to complete this survey. It will allow us to better understand the impact of the program.

All surveys are completed anonymously.

Mental Health Resources

Lessons, Mental Health Tools, and more

Running Resources

Stretches, Posture, Running Log, and more

Contact Us

Are you a teacher, guidance counsellor, or community member interested in having the program at your local school?

If you would like to learn more about the National Program please contact Anna Misheal by email

We’ve long been a proud champion of putting Women’s Health first and our commitment has never been stronger.

SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. shares the expertise of our partners at leading women’s health organizations, it offers new health resources,  and it connects you with others in support of local Women’s Health initiatives across Canada  – all in an effort to help you stay focused on being your best.

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